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Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast Icon

Check Weather Forecast

The tab enables you to check weather forecasts in real time and shows upcoming forecasts, weather and temperature trends.
To-Do List
To-Do List Icon

Make To-Do List

Organize your daily activities in the best and suitable manner by making a to-do list to focus on what is most important.
Notes Icon

Write Notes

Whether you need to remember some details for later or just want to have a quick reminder, take your notes right in the tab to be sure you haven't missed anything important.
Bookmarks Icon

Easily Open Bookmarks

Speed up your browsing experience - easily add and create new bookmarks, switch fast between the web pages and manage your bookmarks effectively.
Apps Icon

Quickly Open Apps

Get even more, enjoy a quick access to your Chrome apps and extensions. We made it simple for you!
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Add Handy Tab to Chrome